Medication Therapy Management

The Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Service is a comprehensive medication review and counseling service that is available to eligible members. The goal of MTM is to optimize medication therapy and help patients achieve the best possible health outcomes.

MTM services are available to Medicare beneficiaries who:

  1. Are on five or more chronic medications
  2. Take medications for complex conditions, including multiple diseases or conditions
  3. Take medications that have the potential to interact with each other
  4. Have a history of medication adherence problems
  5. Receive their medications from more than one pharmacy
  6. Require a higher level of care than what is typically available through a retail pharmacy
  7. MTM services generally include:
  8. A comprehensive medication review
  9. Medication therapy counseling and education
  10. Regular medication reviews to ensure medications are still needed and are being taken as prescribed
  11. Management of potential medication interactions
  12. Assistance with medication adherence